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Some posts from my "Take It In" blog which focuses on research-based, holistic health and wellness 

The Light of God Shines Brightest in Dark Times

Hello dear friends. So much is going on right now. Riots, protests, unrest, fear, and anger— it can be a bit overwhelming. I wanted to take some time to observe, reflect, and take it in (no pun intended) before I posted anything. After lots of prayer and talking with loved ones and reading lots of thoughts on things going on, here is what I concluded— these things are going to happen before Jesus returns. Followers of Christ have or should have at least read through the book of Revelation. Howe

Amazing Miracles in Everyday Life

Hello everyone, so happy to join you for another week. Firstly, I just want to say thank you to everyone for all of the engagement with the blog as of late. You all are the reason I do this and I am so humbled by the response I am getting. I will do my best to keep putting out fresh posts each week! That being said, I have a wonderful story to share with you that happened last week. As I have shared previously, I’ve been in a difficult spot as of late as many are right now. Keeping the bills pa

Where Does Suffering Take You?

Does that title have you thinking? I hope so. It sure has had me thinking a lot this past week. My constant prayer throughout my life has been for my experiences to not go in vain. My failures, my mistakes, my pain— I want none of it to go in vain. If they can help anyone to avoid the pitfalls I’ve fallen into or bring some measure of comfort, then it was all worth it. So, I pose that question to you now. Where does suffering take you? Does it take you to darker places? Does it take you to high

The Power of Loved Ones and Sunshine

Hello friends, I am so glad to join you again this week. I hope you are staying healthy and well. As things begin to open up little by little, I urge you to continue to follow precautions and be safe. I am glad to see the dark cloud of COVID to pass by a bit. It is always good to see the sun after a dark day, isn’t it? When I feel its warmth and glowing rays, I am reminded I am loved by God. It felt good to see the sun again in my own life as of late. As I have shared recently, I am going throu

Words of Encouragement to New Grads

Hello friends, hope you are having a good week amidst the continuing madness. There continues to be both good and bad news coming our way about this whole pandemic ordeal. Some places are beginning to open back up, with caution obviously. More testing is in demand and some of the world’s most brilliant minds are working diligently on a vaccine and treatment. The impact of COVID-19 has reached all of us in some way. However, I find the impact it has had on upcoming high school and college gradua

Recall Past Triumphs to Overcome Present Challenges

Hello everyone. I hope this post finds you well. I know things are still pretty wild out there. Humanity has indeed survived worse and we will survive this. God is still with us and in control. I wanted to bring up an important lesson I have been revisiting lately to you all. That lesson is recalling how I have overcome the impossible before with God’s help. I have landed job opportunities, received financial blessings that came out of nowhere, and the like. I am facing many new challenges that

Finding Your Way Back After Loss

It has been a long time, friends. Sorry for my absence. To be honest, I lost my heart not just for this blog, but for writing. Aside from some poems here and there, my writing fire died out. I immersed myself in a new job opportunity and relationship instead. I recently have lost both of them, losing myself in the process. Loss hurts. Whether it’s a job, a relationship, or a life — it hurts. Sometimes it is because of things outside of our control, such as with this pandemic. Many of you have l

Do Breakups Have to Be Ugly?

Welcome to this week’s edition of “Take It In.” I haven’t talked about romantic relationships specifically in awhile. They have been a big deal since humankind began (obviously). To specify, I am focusing on relationships between significant others, not marriages (that is a whole other beast to tackle). In regards to these relationships, one of the hardest aspects of them is when they go sour. What happens when we’ve done all we can do and it’s time to part? Is this the right thing to do? How do

Adventure is the Salt of Life

Hello everyone! I know this post is off my regular schedule. I took some time off for the holiday and needed to refresh my mind. I honestly did not even know what I wanted to blog about last week. After some fun adventures, I am ready to come back with something very important in life — enjoying it. We need to enjoy life. Having some adventures is a great way to do it. As we celebrate our nation’s birthday and our freedoms, let’s recall our freedoms and commit to using them for good. Let us pro

5 Pieces of Advice to New Graduates

Welcome back to the graduation edition of “Take It In.” Indeed, graduation season is upon us. To those of you who are finishing studies or have loved ones celebrating this milestone, congratulations. It really is a remarkable achievement. With this achievement, however, comes a lot to think about. You are probably asking “What’s next?” Allow me to offer some advice to new graduates, both at the high school and collegiate level. These are some things no one told me that I really wish someone woul

Passion and Pain

Glad to see you all for another edition of “Take It In.” this week. I pray your week is going well and you are having success and peace. Success and peace are not possible without the two items mentioned in the headline. We find success through passion, and peace through pain. A dear friend and brother reminded me of that in a conversation we had earlier this week. Let me say how wonderful it is to have friends who tell me what I need to hear, not what I want to hear. God has this funny way of

Life Glows in the Dark

It is good to see you all this week. There has been a lot of darkness and pain in the news. The horrendous tragedy in Virginia Beach and continued battles over abortion, trade, and foreign policy continue to dominate the headlines. Perhaps, like myself, you have personal darkness enveloping your life. You can’t see where you are going or what ti do next. Life is hopeless, pointless and useless. Life glows in the dark though. What do I mean by that? Are you familiar with glowsticks? They are use

Why Are Relationships So Hard?

Welcome to this week’s edition of “Take it In.” Hopefully, the headline for this week really grabbed your attention. The topic has had my attention for years. Relationships are tough. That is pretty common human knowledge. They do not start when we start dating or have our first significant other at 17 or what have you. We are born into relationships. We are born into a family. Ideally, we have a father, mother and maybe some siblings. These relationships are hard enough (family can drive you cr

Death, Suffering Do Not Destroy Life

Welcome to this week’s edition of “Take It In.” I wanted to do something a little different and present some poetry I wrote as I made my way through a dark season recently. I’ve been reading an amazing story, Tuesdays with Morrie, as of late. It has really changed my perspective on living, dying, loving, and suffering. As I read over my poems, I remember to apply some of the lessons I’ve taken from the book. It is okay to be sad and in pain. I should accept it and move through it, not try to den

Busyness Does Not Equal Success

Glad to see you this week for another edition of “Take It In.” I hope your week is going well thus far. I recently saw a post on Facebook from a friend. It said something alone the lines of being “busy” is not a badge of honor. This thought has such so impact for our current culture. Almost from birth, we are taught to be productive. We go to school, join sports teams, and participate in extracurricular activities. The rush continues into adulthood, where we scramble to complete degrees, gain c

Back to the Drawing Board

Welcome back for another edition of “Take It In.” I hope your week is going exceptionally well. I am glad to report some positive news. I am officially back to work and doing work I enjoy. I’ve witnessed some real miracles in my personal life recently and want to testify to the good works God performs on a regular basis. That being said, I reflected on this difficult time in my life and what it has taught me. Through all of this, I’ve had to go back to the drawing board — remapping the blueprin

A Time of Remembrance, Call to Action

It’s good to be with you all this week for another edition of “Take It In.” A lot has happened in the national news. I am troubled to report on the shooting in my home state at UNC Charlotte. There were also recent shootings in Tennessee and the Poway Synagogue in California. I find it almost eerie that this all took place near Holocaust Remembrance Day, which was yesterday. I want to dedicate this post to all the survivors of such horrific tragedies. History repeats itself. Human beings have s

Looking Back, Moving Forward

Hello to you all and thank you for joining me for another edition of “Take It In.” I hope your week is going exceedingly well. I am doing something different this week. It’s been a time of struggle,pain, and triumph recently. That is why I want to share a poem I wrote a little while back. I love to write, obviously. Poetry was my gateway into the wonderful world of writing. It was my first love and has remained a passion since I first took to the pen at age 16. I typically like to keep that par

Cling to Truth When All Else Fails

Welcome to the special Holy Week edition of “Take It In.” I hope you are spending the last leg of your Lenten journey well. I encourage you to finish strong. Stick to your vows, stick to your convictions. That brings me to the topic for this week- holding onto truth. Truth is the substance of our reality. It existed before us, before the universe. God holds the truth, for he is eternal. In Him we find truth, truth that sustains and illuminates even in the darkest of times. It has been a very dar

Love is not convenient, wisdom is a must

I hope you all are having a great week so far. I’m glad to be back for this week’s edition of “Take It In.” My title was short and sweet this week. I just want to drive that point home about love. I’ve reflected a lot this past week on past relationships, both platonic and romantic. Specifically, I thought back to the reasons why the ones that didn’t work out, did not. I also thought of how we all need to be wiser in choosing who we associate with. What struck me the hardest was the core of the
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